Maria Camarena - Creator of Keepers Box -Sep 01, 2020

My Perfect Wedding Day Part I: Broken Zipper

To start off like everyone else I will warn you that not everything will be perfect on your wedding day. However, you need to continue and enjoy every single moment. I will share my perfect wedding day Part I Broken Zipper with you so you can realize that no stress is worth ruining your day!

Tip: Now let me mention that I did not have a wedding planner because I could afford one! But if possible hire one!!

The Day of My Wedding

Makeup and hair: it was all going perfectly! My hair and makeup were done just how I imagined! We timed everything to avoid being late for my own wedding ceremony. Let me just tell you; I was almost an hour late to my wedding ceremony and it almost got CANCELLED!!

Just as it was time for my bridesmaids to get dressed and take pictures. One of my bridesmaids dresses zipper got stuck and ripped... 10 minutes before we had to leave. None of us had a sewing kit! I KNOW we should have been prepared!! We tried everything and ended up using the strap of their bridesmaid’s robe to tie it and make it to the ceremony. My bridesmaid felt horrible, however I didn’t think it was her fault. THINGS HAPPEN!  

On our way to the ceremony location, EVERYONE kept calling me wondering where I was and to tell me I had to rush. I received about TWENTY phone calls from my family, fiance, and groomsmen. They all thought I got cold feet and that I was leaving my fiance at the altar. I know how CRAZY! That’s how late I was. I felt horrible but in the end there was nothing I could have done.

Well to my luck there was road construction!!! If you live in Minnesota there is ALWAYS road construction!! The last call I answered was my fiancé who called to tell me that the priest was ready to cancel the ceremony.

My heart sunk and I was ready to cry but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to ruin my makeup. I held my feelings back and showed up at the ceremony location. Once I arrived the priest said he had to cut the ceremony and make it short because there was another ceremony after us! And I was perfectly okay with that as far as I got to marry my high school sweetheart!


That is why I made sure to create a bridesmaids gift that includes a sewing kit! You  never know when a needle and thread can save the day! 💕  COMING SOON!

Photo credit to New Hope Photography.

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Written by Maria Camarena - Creator of Keepers Box -Sep 01, 2020

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